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Non-Shaving Deputy Wins Punitive Damages, Attorney Fees
Will Aitchison, 09/29/2020

Lavanden Darks is one of four black deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in Missouri. Jackson County employs approximately 100 sworn officers. In 2014, Jackson County required all sworn officers appearing in uniform to be clean shaven with the exception of moustaches. Darks experien

‘Failure To Train’ Claim Must Show Deliberate Indifference
Will Aitchison, 09/29/2020

Jo Anne Pepitone is a police sergeant in the Lower Merion, Pennsylvania Police Department. Pepitone sued the Department, alleging that “there have been numerous sexually charged rumors circulating throughout the police department that have contributed to creating a sexually hostile and gender discri

Inadvertent Recording Of Calls On Police Line Does Not Violate Wiretap Laws
Will Aitchison, 09/29/2020

In November 2016, the Grand Rapids Police Department dispatched an officer to a car accident site. The driver of the car, a Kent County assistant prosecutor, drove down a one-way street and struck a parked car. The on-scene officer called Lieutenant Matthew Janiskee on a recorded, public line – Line