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HB100 Retirement Pension Tax Subtraction Modification

Due to several requests we are putting this information out again and giving you the ability to read the law. On April 18, 2017 the Governor signed HB100.This bill gives retired officer’s 55 or older that live in Maryland a pension income tax subtraction modification in the amount of $15,000. We h


FOP Lodge 89 is creating a Heroes’ Walk at our Fallen Heroes’ Memorial. You can now purchase a brick for the walk which can be engraved with a personalized message. See the link below for a copy of the brochure which has full details and ordering information.FOP89-Brick-BrochureTo go directly to t

Tax Subtraction for Active Officers

Beginning January 1, 2016, “law enforcement officers” can claim an income tax subtraction modification for the first $5,000 of income earned if:The section below is taken directly from the Maryland State Comptroller Website. Frequently Asked Questions About Income TaxLink to section on website30. W

LEOSA date notifications

The Range asked us to pass on that their will be an added LEOSA training on February 13 at 1500 hours. Also, the March 14th date is full. Time will be 1600 due to the change to Daylight Savings Time.Lt. Baden is waiting for OIT to get his desk phone set up so he can put a message on it, but at thi

Public Safety Labor News

Q & A
Will Aitchison, 01/27/2020

From New Jersey:Question: As a member of the FOP executive board, my deputy chief told me he is going to change a practice that involves our detectives. Although he did not identify specifics, he wants to rotate our detectives, a practice that we (the FOP) believe he cannot do. We believe our detect

Not Improper ‘Direct Dealing’ For Negotiators To Have Sidebar Discussion
Will Aitchison, 01/27/2020

Tom Jamison works for the East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District in Florida. Jamison filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the District alleging that Tom McQueen, an elected commissioner of the District, engaged in improper “direct labor negotiation discussions” via Facebook Messe

‘No-Contact’ Order Ruled Illegal
Will Aitchison, 01/27/2020

The 22 police officers in the Oakdale Police Department in California are represented by the Oakdale Police Officer’s Association. The Department’s officers wear body cameras.On March 26, 2018, a lieutenant approached Police Chief Scott Heller to discuss concerns over how certain video files were in